Upcoming Events

New Sign-Up System

Wed, Feb 8, at 11:00AM

Shape It Up Fitness has a new computer system. You may now register for classes online, make payments for your monthly passes as well as a drop in payment.

Please feel free to create an account, sign up for classes, and update your profile. Otherwise, if you need more information call 401.270.2929 or email shapeitupfitnessri@gmail.com Thanks!

Personal Training

Wed, Feb 8, at 11:00AM

All of our personal training programs are personalized to your specific goals and needs because no two bodies are the same so your program should be unique to you. Our 1 to 1 approach is to ensure you get the accountability and attention you deserve to help you see the best results and to make sure you’re working out safely and effectively.

**We specialize weight loss, body building, strength training, and mobility/corrective exercise. ** Our emphasis is on functional training so you do not need to have access to a gym to train with us. We incorporate a variety of easy to store equipment including kettlebells, resistance bands, TRX and dumbbells. For more info click the colored modules below.

New Morning Classes

Thu, Feb 8, at 11:00AM

Starting March 5th, we are adding additional classes to our schedule ** **You must register for classes online to reserve your spot

Monday 930a Circuit with Mary ( 45min Class)

Tuesday 930a Zumba with Felix ( 55min Class)

Thursday 930a Circuit with Michelle (45min Class)

Friday 930a Zumba with Michelle ( 55min Class)